It's time for a change!

Introducing Nvii (pronounced "N-vee") probably the fastest and best orienteering shoes in the world. Our goal at Nvii is to bring innovation and excellence to every orienteer in the world.

We will make the very best products with unquestionable responsibility and all-encompassing passion. At Nvii we are totally committed to orienteering, you will see it in every fibre of our DNA and it is clearly embedded in every detail of our exciting new product range. With over 130 years of orienteering, running and sports business experience, the development team has created the next generation of advanced premium forest running shoes.

The team with Peter Ivars (Noname sport), Warren Key (Str8 compass), Petter Thoresen (Noname, Multiple World Champion) and Thierry Gueorgiou (14-time World Champion and Orienteering Legend) have put their phenomenal knowledge and expertise together to bring Nvii to the orienteering world.

High performance is in our pedigree and with the introduction of our Crazy Light racing range, Nvii breaks down barriers for the world's best orienteers. The Crazy Light shoe range begins at weights never previously available for our sport. The XXC (Xtreme Cross Country) is a super-light shoe developed for different surfaces (asphalt, gravel, grass & light terrain), with a starting weight of a record-breaking 170 grams! The Crazy Light line is expected to open exciting new opportunities for all-time conscious orienteers.

For tougher terrains we have developed the all-new Forest Line. The Forest models are extremely durable, yet ultimately very light; they are available in both metal studs and rubber dobs. Our new, innovative and unique outsole patterns have taken grip levels to a new, "best ever" standard, our extensive testing team quoting of the "incredible grip and control". The new Nvii Forest 1 weighs just 239 grams, with 15 metal studs and the highest level of Elite performance in mind. The multi-purpose Nvii Forest 2 has a totally new, aggressive rubber outsole design; it weighs an incomparable 225 grams and debuts (along with the Forest 1) the world's best orienteering upper material: Superfabric, made in the USA.

We are very proud to present these two new lines of shoes and the Nvii brand to you. Our journey together has just begun.

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