Nvii Crash Replacement program

Racing around the forest is great fun but it is also very demanding on shoes. At Nvii we know and understand accidental damage and misfortune can happen. Rocks, edges, sharp stones, felled trees, trimmed branches, broken ground and so much more can lead to misfortunes to your shoes that a warranty cannot cover.

While our Crash Replacement naturally does not apply to wear and tear, we hope it offers you the knowing security that if a misfortune falls, we are ready to help out.

Full details below:

  • Applicants must complete the crash replacement form attached including requested images and proof of purchase
  • Applies to original owner only and time period for offer expires 60 days from date of purchase
  • Excludes normal wear and tear

Applicable Damage exclusive to:

  • Holes fully cut through the outsole
  • Holes fully cut through upper materials
  • Spikes or spike fully removed

Do like this:

  • Original shoes must be posted back to Mud racing Ltd at owner’s cost with a receipt of purchase
  • The crash replacement program must be arranged directly with Mud racing Ltd.
  • Replacement cost is 65% of retail price plus 12.50 for postage and handling

Please send the shoes to:
Mud Racing Ltd
Meijerinkatu 7
65100 Vaasa

Print and fill out the crash replacement form and place it to the same package with your shoes